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Tajuk : Factors Associated with Mathematics Anxiety
Tahun dihasilkan : 1999
Maktab: Maktab Perguruan Teknik
Penyelidik:Dr. Marzita Puteh
Ketua Penyelidik : Dr. Marzita Puteh
Factors Associated with Mathematics Anxiety

“If there is a key to doing maths, it is overcoming anxiety about the subject and in using the same skills you use to do everything else”   Kogelman & Warren, (1979)


This study investigates the extent and nature of mathematics anxiety in primary school teachers teacher trainees in Malaysia, and identifies the factors that are associated with it. This is a qualitative research and hence the approach is to understand the current phenomenon and to obtain a rich and in-depth insight into significant issues. Three methods of obtaining data are used: questionnaires, interviews and observations of subjects doing mathematics.

Evidence for the nature and source of mathematics anxiety was derived from what the teacher trainees said about (a) their perceptions of mathematics; (b) themselves with regard to mathematics (self-image); (c) their feelings towards mathematics; and (d) their behaviour when doing mathematics. Hands-on mathematics was given to the teacher trainees in order to observe how mathematics anxiety affects them in an actual scenario of doing mathematics. Interviews were carried out immediately after the hands-on observations in order to give the teacher trainees opportunities to explain their actions.
Teacher-students relationship, teachers’ style of teaching, examination pressure, parental and peer group influences were identified as the main factors contributing to the trainees’ mathematics anxiety. The cultural setting for these factors emerged from the research as being of particular significance.